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This is a sub-page outlining Aka-Kon 2000. Since I was behind my dealer's table for most of the convention, I am using mostly other people's pictures. I would like to thank www.afansview.com for the pictures he took while he was in our beautiful city of Vancouver. I didn't use every picture from his page, just the ones I personally saw at the convention during all the festivitities.

Cosplay At AkaKon 2000


Trigun is one of the more popular shows. I remember this guy also used this costume at Sakura Con too.

The second picture is of Wolfwood, nice costume but heck, I would not want to have to carry his cross gun around the con.



An anime con would probably be a little incomplete if it didn't have at least a few Sailor Moon warriors. At least, there wasn't any guys who were. They can get pretty scary looking. I suppose it was for the best they were still in hiding.

Gundam Wing is also a popular show. However, it lacks female characters for women to do. But then again, I suppose that doesn't stop girls from dressing up as Duo.




Utena was also a pretty popular show for costumes. In retrospect what is it with all these weird female relationship shows?

For a show that most people had a hard enough time pronoucing let alone spelling. Sekendai Hoshin Engi or a year later renamed to Soul Hunters when it was released by ADV. Back then, I just called it the flying hippo show. You will know why once you see the opening theme or the show and notice what the lead character rides as his stead.



Final Fantasy is always a fan favourite. I never really liked the newer final fantasys like 9 or 10 as much as the 7 or 8's. However, Tifa is one of my favourite ones.

This is where your knowledge of anime really comes in handy or to your detriment. A girl in a blue ninja outfit. hmmm.. Misau from Runouni Kenshin or Katsumi from Dead or Alive.



One of the easiest costumes to have for an anime con, you typical seifuku sailor style school uniform. I suppose it brings out all the uniform fetishes. Then again, I have seen some girls and unfortunate some guys who really really DO NOT belong in a school uniform. I guess an good analogy is, did you ever see a Starfleet Officer that is over 300+ pounds? There is a reason why....


Escaflowne is also another girl favourite. However, not too many think that Hitomi's school outfit is very exciting. Now playing the bad guys... well that is something different. I guess it was the leather..




A relatively new show for the most part, but Digi-charat always produces some cute characters to make costumes for.

This is a picture of me at my booth. I had made this for San Deigo Con a few years back. It still sorta fits. I would like to thank the guy at www.fansview.com for taking most of these pictures since I was behind my dealer's table.



Neon Genesis Evangelion is also a very good and easy show to make costumes for.

Another one of those ambigious ones. Could be a Slayers character, could be something out of Final Fantasy. But I am going to go with Emilo from Psychic Force.




A pair of Devil Hunter Yohko's.


A pair of Dottas (Daughters) from Soceror Hunters.



Of course, Dragonball is a popular show. Although I would have to say the main characters like Goku, Gohan, Goten, and even Kuren are too boring to do. Trunks and Vegitta seem to be a little more do-able, even by female cosplayers.



Slayers has a lot of wacko characters. However, of the most of them, I see the fewest of the main characters such as Lina and Naga... By the way, they aren't pictured....


Me and Kris in the loading dock with boxes full of anime goods to sell. As well, as a few boxes of "presents" that we kindly left the convention as our "tip" for their "awesome" service...

Let me give you a hint what it was. It normally comes in one large 4 foot x 8 foot sheet and you build houses with it.